Plain and simple: our business is the business of law.

We devote our full attention to one industry – the legal profession –and  we know it well. Our collective knowledge of the profession’s past and present informs our appreciation of the trends and issues that you will face in the future. We can work with you to develop an effective, customized plan so you can identify and achieve your objectives…and we provide the strategic support necessary for successful implementation.

RRR specializes in addressing the wide range of challenges to the legal profession and law service providers on a client-by-client basis:


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Strategic Planning

The legal landscape is constantly evolving.  It is hard to know where to invest your resources.  But one thing is clear. The practices that will thrive are those that are nimble and can adapt to the ever changing competitive market and expectations of their clients. We can help you define who you are, who you want to be and how to get there. RRR’s integrated approach focuses on the big picture of your business and the small details that turn vision into reality. Our methods will enable you to articulate a clear vision of success and then realize it.

Acquisition, Growth and Consolidation Plans

Before your organization decides to merge with or acquire another firm, many factors have to be considered:

  • Does the strategy align with your firm’s long-term vision?
  • Are the practice areas of the firms complimentary?
  • How will the values, aspirations and cultures of the respective firms be integrated?
  • What are the internal and external challenges to be addressed?

Our comprehensive plans ensure that all factors critical to success are identified and implemented.

Business Positioning and Competitive Advantage

We understand that your firm has unique skills and talents, but how do you measure up to the competition? Our competitive market analysis will gauge where you stand and your potential, in relation to your competition. How do we do this? While every engagement is customized to suit a particular firm’s needs and objectives, we can:

  • Review, evaluate and advise on your existing initiatives including your process and procedures for identifying potential new business.
  • Identify your firm’s strengths and determine which strengths distinguish it from your competition in order to differentiate it in marketing and in the marketplace.
  • Review your firm’s rankings, make recommendations and/or assist in establishing opportunities for greater prominence and visibility.

Succession Plans

As attorneys, we can objectively recognize the need for thoughtful succession planning within our organizations.  In reality, it is often a challenge for firms to contemplate their future and put a strategy into effect.  A successful succession plan must take into account the transitioning of clients as well as firm leadership.  As an objective third party, RRR can help you identify future leaders and develop a program to ensure a leadership development process, transition plan and implementation program so that you are prepared throughout the transition and for the challenges to come.

Practice Management

Before adopting a comprehensive business development strategy, it is often helpful to examine your organization’s current practices, strengths and those areas that need improvement.  Our practice management programs help clarify where you are and where you need to go by looking at these key areas:

  • Organization and Management Structure
  • Leadership Evaluation and Performance
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Lateral Integration
  • Diversity
  • Risk Management

Development and Marketing

Client Relationship Management

Client relationship management is both an art and a science to be mastered by partners, learned by associates and supported by staff. We will work with you to provide the best client services to strengthen your relationships to secure client loyalty and new business referrals.


RRR will work with your firm to implement a cohesive marketing program to suit your goals and resources that includes print and electronic materials, directory listings, advertising, social networking and public and media relations.

Outside Marketing and Business Development Department

You know how to practice law, but marketing your practice and generating new business may not be your strength.  We can act as your marketing and business development team without the high cost of hiring one or two specialists and placing them in your organization. Instead of one person, you will acquire the knowledge and experience of an entire proven team working for you, creating a comprehensive marketing and business development plan and then, collaborating with you to make that plan a reality.

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Organizational Dynamics

As with all professional services organizations, the key asset of any law firm is its human resources. However, the people who choose to become lawyers are different from those who choose to become doctors or accountants. Simply following a generic organization model is not likely to yield optimal results.

Our organizational-dynamics assessments and programs were created based on our team’s experience with people who work in law. These programs can help colleagues work together more effectively, fostering improved productivity and staff retention and promoting expanded communication and sense of community.

Communication and Morale

Improving communication skills can also make a pronounced improvement in a firm’s cohesiveness and collegiality. We can work with you to identify those areas where a targeted program could most impact productivity and ease of discourse.

Merger Integration and Change Management

RRR can identify cultural differences and determine methods to integrate diverse values, traditions and attitudes to ensure a successful merger and provide guidance for the implementation of all firm changes, whether involving people, offices or policies.

Internal Conflict Management

We can facilitate a resolution with minimal distraction and avoid ill-will, or establish a mechanism for internal conflict resolution, without putting the firm or the dispute in the public eye.

Professional Development


We know that the business of law can sometimes take a back seat to the practice of law.  The competing pressures of meeting your existing clients’ needs, developing new business and keeping your practice running can make it difficult to connect with your partners and the other members of your team. We can help plan, moderate and facilitate an onsite or remote retreat for your organization that will help you frame the issues and strategies for moving forward.

Leadership Development

RRR can help you create and implement a program to identify and develop leaders who are prepared for the responsibilities of law firm management.

Associate and Partner Development

We have developed core career-building programs that we customize for associates and partners at all levels to advance their knowledge and understanding of “the business of law”; to help them fulfill their professional objectives; and to achieve their full value as members of the firm.

High Performance Coaching

We can help you fashion a personalized, confidential and structured coaching or training program that develops potential and maximizes personal style.

Services for Legal Process Vendors

Our deep knowledge of the business of law makes us uniquely positioned to advise companies that service the legal profession. A sampling of our services:

  • Market Research
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies and Improvement Programs
  • Customer Needs Studies and Feedback
  • Sales Target Identification
  • Market Position Assessments
  • Messaging, Pitch and Presentation Preparation and Reviews
  • Conferences, Tradeshow Events, Sponsorship Planning and Execution
  • Advertising Planning, Including Media Selection, Placements and Negotiations
  • Advertising Reviews
  • US Sales Office – Set Up, Administrative Staffing, Operations Development and Management

Consulting Services for Associations

RRR provides a full range of services especially designed for organizations and associations in the legal field. Click the button below to view our associations site.

RRR Associations

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